GRUB is the portuguese producer Fernando Rodrigues (Psyjar).
His musical performance background started in the early 90’s, as a lead vocalist of the thrash-metal band “WC Noise” (1990/1996). Around that time he gets introduced to electronic dance music, and in 1997 starts walking his first steps into electronic music making…
He is a founding member of projects such as “Chilled C’Quence”, “Quantic Devices” and “Minimonster” (to name a few) and in the middle of 2012, Grub.

The project started as a duo, alongside with Andre Sousa (Cajarana).

After the first track “All is full of Grubs” being released on a Maia Brasil VA in August 2013, they have their debut EP “Mechanical Particles” coming out under the wing of Glitchy.Tonic.Records in January 2014.¬†

By 2015 they join the Australian label Zenon Records and release “Seventh Kind”. This EP was a more conceptual idea, leading the listener through an alternate alien environment reality, within deep, dark and mysterious places.
They kept on performing live in many venues and festivals throughout Europe, and in 2020 personal/professional reasons drove André away from the project. The duo turns into solo and Psyjar carries on with Grub, diving in the studio for new sonic content creation.

– GRUB is the materialization of fractal energy, condensed in audible vibratory frequencies…!