Sérgio Leitão it’s the name behind Hydra-e , a twilight forest psytrance live act.

Hydra-e started his contact with music while he was still very young through his family, witch already had some good musicians. Later he started developing his taste for electronic music. Sérgio was a dj for several years (rock, metal, and trance) while we was doing hydrae on the background. Until it couldn’t be hidden anymore.

Hydrae became the result of all the years listening to psytrance and all different sonorities you can get inside it. The project started in 2016 after many years working. Since then already released for some of best labels like Sangoma Records, Namaste Records, Woo Dog Records, pink sheep project , World people prod, kunayala. His debut album has came out in December 2017 powered by Namasté Records.