Naacal is the Goa Trance project by Pipo Ventura, djing and producing since 2015, he always new hes passion is Music, but at 14 on a hot summer night in the south of Portugal, he found himself in the middle of the woods, music like he had never heard before blasting throw the speakers, people dancing and jumping like there was no tomorrow… it was love at first sight. It was Psychedelic Trance playing and nothing was ever the same! Finding Connection festival in 2015 showed him the beautiful playful world of Goa Trance, and from there on he decided to make it his mission to make people feel what he felt!! 

With his Dj sets he wants to take a look back into the future, focusing on high energy Goa Trance, with some modern psychedelic touches and deep melodies with darker elements peeking throw…
After 3 years getting to grips with his craft, he his now getting ready to start showing his own work, and the first tracks are on the way! Lets embrace what it means to be human and connect throw this crazy culture we all Love ♥