A dancer on the decks riding psychedelic storylines.

Sara Constança aka Psara started mixing in 1987 to the sound of synthpop and new beat under her own name. She then went to search within experimental electroacoustic music, jazz and ethnical roots. After having become increasingly interested in trance during 94 to 95, she found herself diving deep into the psychedelic trance scene in late 96 and started djing in outdoor parties in 97.

In the end of 98 Sara expanded her interests into other projects and began developing her own percussion playing. She a few gigs along the way and came back strong to the scene in 2012 fully charged for Psychedelic Trance with old school and new Goa Trance as main interests.

After the Sumer of 2013 Psara was fortunate to become the Official ManMadeMan DJ, happily representing both MMM and Cronomi Records. Played for Suntrip Records since early 2014 until they asked her to become a label exclusive Djane in the end of the year. As of early 2015 Psara is also representing Zion 604 as label DJ with great happiness!

Sara has been a full time professional photographer since 93 and you’re all welcome to come and comment her work on the Portuguese festival scene. But she doesn’t shoot all that much in parties because she devotes herself mainly to dancing and playing, and she doesn’t do social photography at parties focusing more in her own art. Alongside with music and photography she’s also a designer.

Besides all this, right next to Goa Trance, philosophy is her light and she publishes an essay from time to time. There is a somewhat comprehensive essay about “The Paradox of Self in the Imagination of Goa Trance” to be published soon (later in 2015 or early 2016) in a book about the Psychedelic Trance scene with IGI Gobal.

In the end Sara is just a devoted dance trancer who won’t miss an opportunity to journey on a good storytelling set and will gladly share the dance-floor with all likeminded people.