Rawar is Helder Amaral from Portugal, born at Porto city in late 70´s.

Rawar project is intended to be an electronic music act, directed to psychedelic scene and the reflection of some of the feelings and emotions presented in all day life in human-beings, trying to overcome fears and sadness trough musical meditation.

Rawar project as absorbed the influences of Helder´s music background, from heavy metal to the 80´s, Disco and trance all them are present on the frequencies and patterns created on these project.
The project Rawar comes to light in 2006 from the ashes of helder´s first incursion trough psychedelic production (Dominus).

After the production of some tracks under the name of Rawar, Helder received the invitation to record his first album, and under the stamp of black magic records usa, Rawar´s 1st full length, “Psychedelic Inferno”, comes to shelves and become quiet popular due to the unusual style and production on the trance scene. 

Journey trough time was the name of the second full length released this time under Wild Seven records, and was basically like a compilation of moments or space times present in the music evolution of Rawar.

Between the albums Rawar as some respectful releases on several compilations and have presented his work all over the globe.

Deep atmospheres, groovy and powerful basslines and intense psychedelic elements are the formulas used by Helder on Rawar.

Rawar – Shamanisticus , is the name of the 3rd album of rawer and is coming to light in september 2011, promising to be a very mature album in concept and music production, making the listeners travel trough several regions of our planet celebrating nature along with shamanic rituals and active meditation music.