Roy Sason is a talented producer from Israel.

Many know him as Shidapu as four talents that interacted with different cooperation between them and released some great tracks at the beginning of Goa Trance scene in Israel under the name Shidapu,Shidapu were Roy Sason , Erez Eizen, Miki Litvak & Oren Kislev. It all started in 1994 as a group of kids from different parts of Israel (Erez & Roy from the suburbs of Haifa, Miki from Tel-Aviv area and Oren from Zikhron Ya’akov) met through the modem. They were aged 15-17, working with Impulse Tracker, they started writing music on the computer, exchanging tracks and sounds.

Shidapu – As a band – Stopped to Create & Perform in 1997. These days, Roy Performs again under the name ” Shidapu ” and play those magical Tunes which was created by him and his Friends 15 years ago. Roy also works on New School Goa materials which will be released Soon Under The Name “Computer Controlled”.Beside Shidapu Roy is also a part of the successful Israeli Progressive act MUTe and the owner of Zion 604 records a New Israeli Label.

Lately his new project for down-tempo N.sof is begun, released amazing tracks under this name.

In 2014 he felt in love with the underground universe of Psytrance. And very soon he felt the need to make his own music.
Always searching for new sounds, Solarythm offers a deep mental Forest where the confrontation between dark and bright atmospheres reminds us of the one of the day facing the night : the dawn