Z3NKAI is a Swiss born dj and producer who discovered the world of psychedelic trance in a cave in Geneva. From that moment on he could not stop anymore. Founder of Digital Shamans Records, he has been playing for 10 years on the swiss and international party scene.

His sets and his energy quickly put him at the forefront of the party scene and at young age he started to play with the best swiss and foreign artists. At the age of 23, he already had played around all europe. After releasing his first compiltion and putting on parties with his Freaky Moon crew, he decided to build Digital Shamans Records and he work on his live act. 

It didn’t take long until he had released a CD compilation, a solo EP and was performing all over the world including New York, Canada, Brazil, New Caledonia and festivals such as Mo:dem, Shiva Shankar, Simsalaboom, Universo Paralello. Working on his next album, he his also part of Warp Engine signed to Purple Hexagon Records.