Forest Soul is a bi-anual Gathering happening in Portugal during the summer season. The location (hyperlink) is idyllic, mystic, magic. It gives you a complete immersion in nature and its several elements and patterns.

Forest Soul gathers psychedelic arts, travellers, artists, artesans, healers… HUMANS. Everybody is welcome, coming from all over the world to gather around the values of mutual respect, freedom of expression, collective state of peace, to be able to spend 6 wonderful days and nights, connecting with people, nature, art, elements, living beings… Psychedelic Trance, Ambient and Reggae are the composition of our musical menu in our 3 different areas.

Forest Soul Gathering is back for its 3rd Edition. It has been a long journey and 4 years since the first magical gathering in the Barroso region in Portugal.
This edition comes in a year of intense transitions, mutations, evolutions in our Blue Planet … and the Druid has Called for….SYMBIOSIS.

From the 24th to the 29th of August 2022, our gathering wants to express a desire to feel more symbiosis between us Humans, and our natural habitat, our food, our oxygen, our water, all our essential needs, based on all kinds of life on Earth.

FSG was created to emphasize those vital symbiosis and inter-connexions, but also between Humans and Humans.

During 6 days and 5 nights, we call for peace & respect, we call for love expression, solidarity and unity, in an idyllic & mystical place, surrounded by autochtone nature & rich biodiversity, guided by the frequencies of our universal language, a music with no words but with a lot to express…

Come and join us for this unique gathering …