The Atriohm project was born in 2003, almost 14 years ago and beside many excellent tracks released on Parvati Records and few other labels, in 2009 Atriohm released on Parvati, together with other Macedonian producer Encephalopaticys, the split album UKALEN which is regarded to be one of the milestones for the modern psy-trance music.
Atriohm releases are rare: It takes time to make good things and in our case, with Atriohm music, this postulate is more then true: To compose and mix down such tunes is not something done in days or even weeks. The care in the details and the musical architecture created by Atriohm requires endless hours in studio, but finally here we are with the EP Million Years Dance: 2 solo tracks , 1 collaboration with austrian producer Ianuaria and 2 of his old tracks remixed by projects Ulvae and AntHill.
We are more then sure that You will love this music!