Radikal Moodz is a Twilight Psytrance project.

After having released on multiple labels such as Maharetta Records, Sangoma Record or Mosaico Record they signed on the famous Looney Moon Records and started directly with their first EP “Strange Journey” which immediately seduced the scene.

Afterward they played on several festivals and events like Hadra Trance Festival(🇫🇷), Own Spirit Festival (🇪🇸), WAO Festival (🇮🇹) ,Tierra Magica (🇲🇽) , Insomnia Festival (🇵🇹) and start an Asia tour to bring there music to Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia.

He then confirmed his position as artist to follow with a second EP called “Inertia”, with collaboration track with Ingrained Instinct , Shenanigan and Wood Warden.

He kept making collaborating with artists from all over the world.

Now he has released his debut album called ‘Initial Dreamers’ where all the inspiration from the beginning takes place in a psychedelic journey full of groove, peaks and smiles.