SATOR AREPO tenet opera rotas…. an perpetual constancy of the circular motion of the cosmic order.

The project was founded in early 2006 by Dominik H. from Munich. Dominik always had a deep connection to music, being heavily influenced during his adolescence by genres such as Metal and Punk Rock, he later on started his first steps in music production and began to experiment with different styles from Hip Hop to Breakbeat. Due to his former day job, as a event engineer, he coincidentally made contact with the Psychedelic-Trance scene, what in retrospective, turned out as a game changer in his life. Since that point, he focussed passionately in creating his idea and interpretation of deep & powerful nighttime Psytrance, never afraid to explore the limits and push the boundaries in terms of style and sounddesign. 

Sator Arepo’s music nowadays is a sonic rollercoaster, which characteristics are ranging from groovy and mental attitudes up to hard hitting, dancefloor focussed soundscapes.

Productionwise, he’s always trying to improve his skills ,in order to constantly shape and reinvent his style. With rising popularity in the global Psytrance scene, he released during the last years on welknown labels such as Deviant Force Rec, Sonic Loom, Discovalley Rec, Lycantrop Rec, Avatar Rec and many more. Besides his solo works, he is a lively collaborator and active in several projects like:

– Cracked Nozes with Rawar/Lurker on Deviant Force Records & Sangoma Records
– ChromArepo with Chromatec on Deviant Force Records
– Haunted Spectre with Silent Horror on Deviant Force Records

His live performances made him a frequent musical globetrotter, playing some of the most important festivals the scene has to offer like Universo Paralello, MoDem , Pulsar Festival, Freqs of Nature, Hadra Festival and many more.

In addition to being on stage, he’s also taking duties in the background of the scene, as one of the founders of the infamous underground label Deviant Force Records and the co – founder and organizer of the party series Mental Intrusion.